How Christianity Solidarity Promotes Health Care

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Solidarity is one of the valued Christianity virtue. According to Christians, it is the act of valuing other human beings and giving them respect for who they are as individuals. According to Pope Francis, the many incidents of social injustice, poverty, inequality, and low health care is not only caused by the absence of a profound fraternity but also the lack of the solidarity culture.

The emergence of new ideologies that are marked by materialistic consumerism, egocentrism, and rampant individualism causes the social bonds to weaken. This drives a mentality that causes neglection of and contempt for those considered as the weakest and useless in society. How does Christianity solidarity improve health care? Here is a look at the importance of Christianity solidarity in health care.

Christianity being one family found in the whole of the world, their solidarity has a central place in achieving a healthy society. By coming together in solidarity, Christians develop a community that empowers all people to achieve their full potential. They come together to help the needy and providing health care to the community.

Christians view the neighbors not only as of the image of God but also an autonomous human being with fundamental needs and rights. Christians believe that they should show love and care to everybody including their enemies. Many saints such as the famous mother Teresa sacrificed their lives to minister to Africans acts as a perfect example of Christianity solidarity.

Christianity functions as a reliable source of empowering people to take care of the sick since the very beginning. Today, there are health care organizations all over maintaining Christian identity. Christianity enjoins the entire believers to take care of the hungry, the needy, the poor and the sick.

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Christianity solidarity is all about resounding and acting for one another. As Christianity comes together to offer improved healthcare to the less fortunate and even to its members, it is essential that they raise awareness of some of the side effects of modern manufactured medicine. Though effective in controlling and curing many healthcare issues, some of the side effects are fatal. More so, some of these drugs have proved to be very costly and ineffective in the long run.

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In conclusion, humans are interdependent beings and cannot exist independently of others. In the early days, Christians found it challenging to connect to people around the world easily. Today, modern technology has made it possible to provide health care assistance to the needy in different parts of the world.

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