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Male Extra Review – Price, Ingredients, Results and Side Effects

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To last in bed longer is every male’s desire. Not only this but living a healthy lifestyle and enjoying one’s life makes an individual happy. A very important human need is to be sexually satisfied.

Male Extra

Males have the pressure of not only performing in bed but also satisfying the person opposite to him. The problem of getting an orgasm very soon or not being able to keep up on the sexual performance is a problem many young men face. 

Here, today the discussion will be focused on one such product which is formulated to help individuals out of the problem mentioned above.

Male Extra is one of the topmost products made for men. The best thing about this product is that it is formulated of all the natural ingredients and is made with the intention of helping the individuals out of their dilemma of sexual health.

The ingredients used in the product are the one which stimulates sexual health and will let you last longer in bed. The main aim of this product was not to leave any side effect and to cure the individual of his sexual life.

Looking at the feedback and testimonials received for the product, it can be rightly said that the product has achieved what it is formulated for.

The need for the Product

As already mentioned above, one of the most important things in humans’ life is sexual needs. you take birth, you grow, you make relationships and you marry.

For the next step of your life after this is very necessary for a male to keep his sexuality intact and his sexual health up to date. Not only for increasing the family, but this is also needed for the sexual satisfaction of your better half.

According to the stats, 35% of the married couples are unhappy or indulge in extramarital because the men could not satisfy their better half.

It is not a thing to be hidden or blamed on someone else,  but with proper medication and attention, this problem can be thrown out from the relationship.

The product was formulated with this intention only. To help the males who could not keep up their performance.

Male Extra is in the form of pills intended to supplement the sexual health of males. It helps men of any age to increase the power in their manhood and sustain their happy sex life.

Some main USPs of the product include:

  • Improves your sex life
  • Boosts stamina
  • Better erections and controlled ejaculations
  • Intense Orgasms

This sounds enthusiastic, Right? According to extensive research done on this product and based on the feedback received, this product is a must-have if you are suffering from the erection problem.

Such a big problem and solved so easily seems a bit hard to trust. For this; let’s see how the product works?

The working of this product is very simple. The pill acts on the blood circulation of the manhood and enhances it. from the day you start the intake of the product, it acts on the blood circulation cycle of the body to keep you healthy.

You can see the results from day one of your intakes. The pill not only makes you physically stronger but also improved the blood circulation, helps you in maintaining the erection and finally having a good time in bed.

Although the results of the product depend on factors as physique, health history, and body type, improvement is to be sue. The only difference will be in the time taken in the procedure. our physician before taking it – and that is always our general advice.

Usage of the Product

Another best thing about the product is that no matter what your age is, the medicine can help you to be free of this problem. It hardly matters if you are in your teenage life or you are newly married.

As it is rightly said, “The sooner you act the better. “It is advisable for men that as soon as they come to know about this shortcoming in their body they should start with the medication. If you will use the product, the better your performance will be over time.

Although the pills can be consumed by all sorts of individuals, they are few restrictions on the product.

It is advisable to not consume the pills when:

  • You suffer from chronic disease or life-threating diseases. 
  • If you are on regular medication.
  • Don’t use the pill with any other supplement.

Apart from the above three restrictions, the pill is free to be used by all men. If you feel you have any special case or issue you can either contact the manufacturer or your local physician for guidance.

Male Extra comes in a package of 90 pills. This is enough to medicate you for a period of one month. the longer you use the product, the better the results you will notice. the changes in once body can be seen and felt only after starting the intake of the product.

Also, the manufactures of the product advise you to be completely free of the dilemma of the side effects of the pills. The pill has been mentioned above has been formulated of natural ingredients, so chances of any side effects are the bare minimum. The product is also clinically tested and medically verified so that the consumer doesn’t hesitate from the consumption of the pills.

MaleExtra Price

It is a common notion about such products that without results these products are heavily priced and are equivalent to a mere hole in your pocket.

Speaking of the price now, manufacturers have guaranteed the usage of the product brings remarkable results, some of which are proved at the end of this article by the relevant testimonials from the customers.

To speak of the pricing of the product, it is relevantly decided keeping in mind the benefits it provides to its consumers. If ordering from the verified manufacturer website one bottle of the product will cost merely $64.95. this bottle includes 90 pills which will cover your dosage for about a month.

Depending upon the customers prefer the company has also thrown out a few additional benefits for them. For example, if you are buying three bottles of the product, you can get an additional tube of Pro-erection gel for free. This deal will bring you to cost down by $ 0.54 per billing.

Similarly, if you buy four bottles of the product the cost will be down by $0.46 per billing with an additional tube of Pro erection gel. On contrary to these additional benefits on your pocket manufacturers have come up with certain extra plans for its customers.

No additional shipping regardless of your purchase value the manufacturers have decided not to charge any additional shipping fee form the consumers. This will normalize the cost of the product even for the consumers who order for a single tube and will be extra beneficial for the one ordering in large quantities.

Other Benefits

Money-back guarantee- in case you feel the product is not giving you the desired result the manufactures have left open an option for you which is the money-back feature. No other similar product in the market is accompanied by such offers.

This states that even after 60 days of using the product in case you are not sure of the product giving you apt benefits and usage you can the leftover product to the manufacturer itself.

The usage of Male extra has always proved to be an effective deal for the consumers. Using the product one can avail certain benefits some of which states:

  • No prescription You don’t need any verified prescription for the product. This helps many people to stay out of the embarrassment if they needed a prescription to buy the product. This makes the sale and availability of the product easier.
  • Apt formula – unlike other products in the market this product is free of farce. it delivers what it promises.
  • Quick benefits – upon the prescribed a regular usage of the product can see the results within weeks. Although the results depend upon the physique and other factors of the consumers, results within weeks are promised.
  • Powerful and stable results – if you continue to use the product for the prescribed period of time, it is guaranteed to give you stable results which means that after the best of the results even if you discontinue the usage of the pills, you will still see the same results.

Although there are benefits of the products there are few cons as well some of which include:

  • Individual results – the results of the product vary from person to person. The results depend upon the physique, dosage and other factors of the individual.
  • Price – although the price is a bit on the higher side, the additional benefits accompanying the product and the results which it delivers makes the product completely affordable by the various classes of the society.


Male Extra is a male enhancement product, the product is helpful for the men who are 40 and above. It is one of the safest male enhancement pills.

The ingredients used in the product are independently verified and is also known as an aphrodisiac which literally means increasing the sexual desire and excitement.

Male Extra is male growth pills that have a unique combination of ingredients that targets the basis of health, it helps in blood flow and penis cell health. This product helps in harder, intense and longer erections and a better experience in sexual intercourse.

Being a herbal remedy, it can easily improve the libido. It is the safest product in the market with highly effective and natural ingredients. There are no side effects from the product because of the high quality of rich ingredients used in it.

The product is recommended by doctors and professionals. It enhances the size of the penis, increases the stamina, and improvises your sex life.

It can be said a perfect solution for all sexual problems. The dosage of the product should be taken according to the recommendations as overdosage can harm your body.

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