NooCube Review – Price, Ingredients, Results and Side Effects

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NooCube is a brain supplement that helps one to increase focus and overcome attention problems. It claims to improve concentration too. In the current generation, the world is so competitive.

Everything moves fast, and we must keep proper track of things. In such a situation, a brain supplement that promises improved brain function might just do very well among the audience.


But do we need it? Yes, if one is very much interested in improving their overall performance. NooCube is a nootropic. NooCube is nootropic dietary supplement, there are all-natural products which are used in Noocube. It is one of the most affordable ingredients.

The formula of this product is designed from a neuroscientist, it is also said to be the better version of Alpha Brain. There are many benefits to this product.

Noocube is said to be the brain booster and also Noocube consumers recommend to have a proper diet and healthy sleep. It can be consumed with breakfast and is advised to take 2 capsules in a day.

What is Nootropic?

Nootropics are drugs that improve the cognitive function, that is, the ability to interpret and acquire knowledge. One may think, oh how convenient! but that is not all. The entire package of NooTropics can enhance your creativity, normal thinking, motivation levels and more.

These are brain supplements. The possibility that many of these drugs may have adverse side effects is high. In this section, a particular nootropic, NooCube will be examined for its claims, actual outcomes.

Nootropic – How do they function?

There are many ways in which this particular type of drugs can work. The human brain is a complex organ. It decides most of the bodily functions, almost everything we do is stimulated by the brain.

What is this drug going to do to that organ and how is it going to do it? The Nootropics can directly supply the chemicals that are required to enhance the functions of the neurotransmitters and eventually give the desired effects by optimizing them.

Besides, the drugs can directly affect the brain energy levels by accelerating metabolism and thus providing the organ the energy that it entails. Moreover, healthy blood circulation to the brain is essential to maintain good cognitive health.

The nootropics aid to this by making the blood that flows into the brainless sticky and easy to move, thus a nootropic can be widely preferred by people of increased age, as cerebral circulation declines over years. These are few of the many ways in which a nootropic affects the brain.

What is NooCube?

NooCube is one such brain supplement, a nootropic, that promises to show a variety of desired effects in the cognitive function of the brain. It is produced and distributed by WOLFSON BERG LIMITED In a competitive market, this product has quite the goodwill.

If we look further, how was the product developed? The company that developed the product states that the ingredients included have undergone various stages of research for any type of side effect and then included.

They also assert that the ingredients are very much safe without any side effects. The ways to optimize the effects of the drug are also mentioned in the catalog.

What does NooCube claim?

The product promises a variety of optimized and enhanced brain functions upon consumption. To begin with, the product claims to boost brain function, improve memory power, enhance communication skills, improve multitasking and increase mental energy.

Given that there are a lot of people in general lack mental energy and go through the crisis between wanting to do more and not being able to ,with a constant sense of insecurity because of how other people are smarter, better, a brain supplement providing such a description with abilities that  would solve a majority of these problems might do extremely well among the audience.

People would automatically want to get their hands on something that would help them overcome all their problems just through the normal intake. What are the ingredients of NooCube and what makes it better than the normal nootropics and is it better than most nootropics? Let us observe in the following sections.

NooCube Ingredients

Various expert reviews suggest that Noocube has one of the most powerful combinations of ingredients when it comes to brain supplements. It contains the following ingredients. Alpha GPC, Cat’s claw, Huperzine A, Bacopa, Oat Straw, and L-THEANINE & L-TYROSINE.

Alpha glyceryl phosphorylcholine (Alpha GPC), a chemical formed when the fatty acid in soy plants break down, increases the chemical called acetylcholine in the brain that is important for memory and learning functions.

Alpha GPC has been used as an ingredient in various drugs that are used as medicines for diseases like dementia and stroke. The addition of this ingredient in the supplement is to enable it to improve the memory functions of the brain. The chemical acetylcholine is a neurotransmitter.

Besides this, Huperzine A is an extract from a Chinese plant, however, the final chemical is arrived upon after a variety of laboratory works. Huperzine A, too, causes an increase in the levels of acetylcholine, which is used by our nerves to initiate communication.

By increasing the levels of this chemical the supplement ensures that the level of acetylcholine is maintained properly and the communication functions are carried out properly.

The ingredient Cat’s Claw is known to have neuroprotective abilities because of the existence of antioxidants. The herb Bacopa improves the neuron communication with the brain thus providing neuroprotective abilities, Oat Straw, in turn, has been used in folk medicine for enhancing brain functions.

It increases the blood flow to the brain and eventually helping in maintaining the brain’s energy levels. L-Theanine and L-Tyrosine contain amino acids that help to relieve stress. They create a relaxed but alert mindset. These are the powerful mix of the ingredients that make NooCube unique.

Directions of use and steps to maximize the efficiency of the product

It is recommended to use the drug in the following way. They recommend us to take two pills every morning around 30 minutes before the major meal of the day, breakfast. Besides this, the website recommends a few ways to maximize the effects of NooCube.

It is essential to get enough sleep. They suggest to not miss out on the rest that the brain could get. It is important to maintain health.

In general, one should take good care of oneself, no matter how much supplements we take, ultimately our natural health is the one that is going to keep us moving forward. It is beneficial when a good diet is followed along with the intake of NooCube.

A diet with food containing nutrients that are traditionally known to compliment brain functions is suggested. Especially fish, that helps to maintain good brain health. These are the instructions provided by the official website of the product.

Benefits of NooCube

  • Improvises the memory.
  • Helps in being a multi-tasker.
  • Increases mental energy.
  • Enhance the focus and concentration
  • Helpful in learning capacity
  • Energize your mental health and stamina.

Does it work?

Various clinical tests prove the effectiveness of the product. But the product reviews from the customers are mixed. It is claimed that though the ingredients individually are very effective, the ratio in which they are mixed falls short of expectations. It does have its benefits, it does enhance the brain functions, one will be able to focus better and have improved memory power.

However there are various instances of customer reviews where the consumers recollect being able to focus and think better, generally very much energized and overall having the feeling of being smarter and better.

Some feel that the product is not effective in its full force. The reviews from both customers, experts as well as from various online forums dedicated to review supplements are mixed.

Given that the internet provides more than enough information about the product within a single search, understanding the product would not be a problem. They can carry out the same price slab in other markets as the competitors with only half as ingredients as NooCube charge higher per bottle.

However, increased price with a new introduction as an excuse may not be entertained by the audience. The marketing strategy adopted should be based on getting the existence of such a product across to the audience.

For this, the product can be endorsed through well-known actors or physicians for that matter. Even if this is just a supplement some degree of recognition from the physicians will do it well.

NooCube Price

The pricing for such a product should not be that much of a hassle because most of the audience that searches for such supplements are already fixed on buying. Even then, if we are to examine the pricing closely, a bottle of NooCube costs around $39.99.

This price is mainly based to cover the costs. The slab is neither exorbitant nor meager. It is just how cheap an authentic brain supplement pill bottle could get.

It is available in capsule and designed by ERGO Group Limited, a company that is based in the United Arab Emirates, thus the supplement does not require approval from the FDA.

The product can be purchased from the official website. The product can be purchased from the official website with a 60-day money-back guarantee. This ingredient can be said as brain booster which doesn’t harm you.


Though the product is not a new invention among supplements, its mix of ingredients is commendable. The product sure does have the potential. But along with that, it also has its drawbacks.

However, the idea of using brain supplements to enhance functions might just become a trend in the coming years due to the yearning to be and do better.

The product will have an excellent audience and market in the coming years. A sharp marketing strategy to introduce it well in a new market and a bit of cost-cutting can get the product to top among its all other competitors due to its brilliant combination.

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