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Probolan 50 Review – Ingredients, Side Effects and Results

In the current world, we live a busy and demanding life which encourages a lifestyle that is unhealthy. Many people complain about the amount of fat in different parts of their bodies such as the abdomen, waist, arms, and thighs. While all the efforts to get rid of fat and gain a little more muscle are proving to be futile, it is time to try out a bodybuilding supplement. It is not just about working out and following the right diet. It is all about aging, as we get older, the natural levels testosterone starts to decline, making us frail, weak, and vulnerable.

Exercising and nutrition can only hold off the aging process for a while. The natural ageing process means your body will begin to fatigue. However, using Probolan 50, a new bodybuilding supplement and testosterone booster which originates from Poland will increase your muscle mass, you turn your fat into pure muscles.

What is Probolan 50?

It is a bodybuilding supplement and a testosterone booster that aids in the muscle growth, strength gain, promote endurance and better sex performance at the same time. This bodybuilding supplement is suitable for individuals who have begun or are developing rigorous weight training routines for muscle growth.

Many engage in these type of exercises, and as the weeks go by, they find themselves disappointed with not seeing improved muscle growth. Just like food, rest and vitamins, supplements are also vital. In this regard, as you consume this bodybuilding supplement, it is recommended as part of a muscle growth plan.

Probolan 50

If you perform a rigorous muscle gain routine, consume an adequate level of food to help the body recover and develop muscle mass, get adequate rest, and regularly take this supplement, you may effectively increase your muscle mass in a short time.

The Manufacturing Company

The firm that manufactures this supplement is known as Dhamhil Corporation. Dhamhil Corporation is famous for manufacturing a wide range of testosterone and nutritional supplements and products. Although the company name does not appear on the package of the product, research reveals that the company is behind producing this phenomenal muscle building supplement.


The ingredients of this supplement, use one of a kind formula that increases the level of testosterone naturally. They include:

Epihydroxetiolan- 17 Esters matrix
This is the main ingredient that makes this supplement revolutionary. However the information on it is very minimal since its proprietary of Dhamil, and as their secret ingredient, they’re not so keen to release details on how to extract it and metabolize it to create Probolan. Actually, it functions in synchronization with other ingredients to increase testosterone levels up to 400%.

DHT Blocker
Before any testosterone is converted into Dihydrotestosterone (DHT) it should have been fully utilized. Since any free testosterone present in the bloodstream can lead to effects that are undesired and the body develops mechanisms to get rid of the free testosterone on time.

The Probolan supplement contains a DHT blocker that prevents testosterone converting to DHT. The supplement also avoids high levels of DHT in the body as large quantities of DHT leads to acne, hair loss, muscle cramps, bone pain, fatigue, and vomiting.

Oestrogen Blocker
This ingredient prevents estrogen from interfering with testosterone levels. The two hormones work against each other by inhibiting the Sex Hormone Binding Globulin. It effectively blocks any estrogen from been produced and released into the body hence increases levels of testosterone.

Tribulus Terrestris
Also referred colloquially as the devil’s claw, this ingredient is essential in producing high testosterone levels. It is commonly used to make most remedies that help increase men potency. The naturally occurring element is at the heart of most ancient treatments used to assist in sexual activity and increased libido. It’s also a powerful and therapeutic anti-inflammatory agent.

Popularly known as a central nervous system stimulant with capabilities of blocking adenosine, it restrains its drowsiness effect. This is how caffeine keeps people alert and focused. Caffeine is present in several beverages. When used in its crystalline and pure form, it is generally classified as safe for use by the World Health Organisation. Hence these testosterone booster tablets depend on it to activate the stimulating aspects of the drugs to help it to work in collaboration with the other concerned components.

All the above ingredients are based on several years of research. They are natural, organic and effective without producing adverse effects or affecting sexual performance. The active ingredients have gone through extensive clinical trials to ensure it’s safe for human consumption. It is suitable for bodybuilders, athletes and other individuals looking forward to building a lead muscular body while boosting their sexual performance.

How it Works?

This supplement is scientifically engineered and developed to produce a purposeful objective. Its main ingredient, Epihydroxetiolan 17, which is a high-dose ester matrix produces the most significant effect. It affects the body in several ways that have not yet been thoroughly analyzed. The chemistry of Epihydroxetiolan 17 works in a rhythm with your own body’s biochemistry, where it increases testosterone levels as well as its activity in the body which in return facilitates increased respiration rates, conversion of fat to glycogen, positive circulatory aspects, as well as several types of non-hormonal sexual boosts too.

To ensure that the supplements works as intended they should be taken while one is also dong vigorously exercises and following a given diet.

According to its manufacturer, it has been developed to offer users results within the first forty-eight hours after taking the first dosage. It is believed to be the most potential penis enlargement product available without a physician’s prescription. A lot is still yet to be discovered about the full working and potential of this body building supplement.

How to take it?

This dietary and body building supplement contains sixty tablets. The recommended dosage depends on how long of a cycle you intend to use. Someone taking it for a 10-week period is different from a 4-week period. If you’re using the supplements for a month, during the first week, take one capsule daily, during the second week, take two capsules daily, during the 3rd week take three capsules daily, during the 4th week, take two tablets daily, during the 5th week take one capsule daily. This protocol changes if you’re using a longer cycle.

This pattern ensures your body get accustomed to the supplement without becoming dependent on it to produce testosterone. You can simply take it with a glass of water and wait to see your body transforming to a more muscular, energized body with a high sex performance.


The main advantage of this product is absolutely the incredible potential growth in muscle mass when included as part of a training plan, diet and rest. However, in addition to helping in the development of muscle mass, its benefits are many including the following:

Pure and natural
All the ingredients sourced are natural, and though they use generic ones, the manufacturer ensures that they are close to natural as possible. The purity of the product is assured through the years the manufacturer has formulated other supplements.

The price range these supplements offer in contrast to all its benefits is a plus to the users. The manufacturer ensures that you really get your money’s worth. Due to its pricing, the product is available to users in all different economic classes.

Instant Results
The product shows results within the two days of its usage. This is because the formulation renders its self to enhance testosterone activity efficiently.

Energy Release
This bodybuilding supplement can help you release energy levels that are unprecedented. Due to its composition, it helps you with your stamina and energy boost. Also during your energy consuming training sessions, this supplement can help you keep up.

This supplement delivers testosterone via a safe mechanism ensuring that it does not lead to harmful side effects. Also its natural ingredients and through oral consumption, it provides that you use the supplement in a safe manner that does not affect your health.

Converts Fat to Muscle
Over-weight people who would like to lose fat and gain more muscle, this supplement helps convert all the glycogen and fat to muscle in a few days. But also this must be done in an environment that encompasses proper dieting, vigorous and well-balanced exercising and appropriate rest cycles.

Boosts Sexual performance
Each person capacity to do well differs from person to person. As a person ages, he gains more weight, becomes more stressed, is not adequately rested, and your sex drive is low.

This supplement can help with this by increasing your stamina, drive and erectile function.

Other Benefits
May include regulating hormonal imbalance, treating acne, preventing hair loss, prevents gynecomastia and several other related issues.


The two main disadvantages are as follows:

No products for testing
This supplement does not have any trial offers that allows a potential customer to try the product before they buy their first supply.

Excess testosterone
Having high levels of testosterone than what is considered normal may result in side-effects such as acne on the back and shoulders, an enlarged prostate and hair loss.

Side Effects

This testosterone booster has no side effects or contraindications. This is because doctors and nutrition specialists develop the supplement. Its ingredients are 100 percent natural without any artificial additives, therefore it is a natural, safe supplement that does not produce undesirable side effects or contraindications. Any adult male can take it with no side effects.

Dissimilar to other supplements indicated for the increase of muscle mass, it does not reduce sexual performance; actually, it increases libido.

Furthermore, this supplement does not produce other problems derived from a hormonal imbalance. Also, you can drink alcohol safely or take it with other supplements or medication as it has no contraindications.

This testosterone booster is suitable for both professional athletes, bodybuilders as well as amateurs. Any adult male can take it regularly and safely. It naturally boosts the effectiveness of your exercises and converts fat into muscle tissue rapidly.

Where to buy?

It is always recommended is to buy this product from the official, trusted and reliable suppliers because they are the only ones who can assure an original, certified and quality product.

The product is also available on the website of its official distributor in Spain, which is an online store who ships to almost all countries. Buying from the official distributor, a user is guaranteed an authentic, certified, product at the best price, where discounts are also offered.

Other sites where you can find this supplement is on websites such as Amazon, eBay or Aliexpress. Buying online is easy, comfortable and safe. Unfortunately, for those who prefer to buy from in land-based stores, the manufacturer has made it clear that this supplement will not be available in pharmacies or supermarkets.


A rigorous training and building large muscles can be challenging. It also does not only entail eating a healthy diet and working out but taking appropriate and adequate supplements is also crucial. When it comes to selecting the right supplement, many men are often faced with challenges as there are thousands of different options available. This supplement from Dhamil Corp. is unique and stands out from the other bodybuilding supplements.

Conclusively, this testosterone booster is a safe product that has no known side effects. Its ingredients are natural as well as scientifically tested which offers several benefits. It also comes with an affordable price as well as capable of providing fast and effective, real-time results. Also, it’s manufactured by a reputable company who have a vast experience and knowledge to produce an extensive collection of testosterone and nutritional supplements.

Additionally, consumers who find the product unsatisfying usually get their money back when they return unused packets of the drug. Information from support and the interactive community of consumers make the promises of the product believable. This product is worth a try.