Prostect Review – Price, Ingredients, Results and Side Effects

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Prostect is a drug formulated by medical specialists for prostate support. It is said to be completely natural and is branded as a vegetarian capsule as well. The function of Prostect is to treat chronic prostatitis and regularize the enzymes, thyroid hormone metabolism and other hormones in one’s body.


It also claims to protect your body cells from free radical damage and improve urinary function in men.  Prostect is the product to improve your potency if you are dealing it with, well many of the men suffer from this product and they think that they can’t get rid of it.

The product well works great in improving the circulatory system, which also normalizes the process of urination, increases immunity and improves libido. The prostatitis is really dangerous and should not be harmed, also without ignoring it you should try prostect which does not cause allergy unlike other products in the market. The composition of the product has all the natural ingredients in it.

Prostect Ingredients

The capsule is said to act on the painful symptoms of chronic prostatitis from the very first days of the treatment. It also claims to eliminate any inflammation in the prostate gland. Prostect is formulated through the assemblage of a variety of amino acids, herbs, and other nutrients that work towards maintaining a steady flow of urine for men and making the prostate gland healthier.

Natural ingredients like pumpkin seeds and juniper berries are added to this capsule as they are believed to have properties that help ease the passing of urine. Chemical elements like zinc and selenium also support men’s health and can be found in Prostect capsules. It is said to be made with non-GMO ingredients and is gluten-free as well.

For the most part, the companies selling Prostect seem to be using numerous labels like vegan, gluten-free, 100% natural etc. in order to make the product seem more appealing to prospective consumers. Such branding techniques are commonly found with products in the market, but hardly ever with pharmaceutical products.


The unique or the biggest selling point of Prostect is that it claims to ease urinary functions without lowering Dihydrotestosterone (DHT), or the byproduct of male testosterone.

It also claims to restore male sexual health, increase libido, and eliminate painful ejaculation all together by tackling the inflammation of the prostate gland. Yet, to what extent the drug is effective in improving prostate functioning or sexual performance is not determinable. 


However, none of the statements made about the functioning of the drug have been assessed by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA). The websites that commonly sell Prostect come with a disclaimer stating that the drug is not meant to treat or cure any severe disease or medical condition and that one must consult their physician before consuming the product.

It is difficult to see why a doctor would recommend a drug that is not FDA approved nor one sold by standard pharmacies or chemists. However, if one consults a doctor about using the drug the doctor may or may not okay it. Though, for the most part, it can be assured that a doctor will not write out a prescription for a drug that may or may not be safe or efficient.

Dosage and Accessibility

The Romanian website that is the primary seller of Prostect, apart from Amazon and a couple of other websites, recommends taking three capsules per day with a meal. According to the information on the product leaflet and website, the dosage for the Prostect drops is half a teaspoon (30 drops) three times a day, recommended for 30 days. 

However, the website also states that one’s dosage should be directed by their own healthcare practitioner. Most websites selling medicines usually follow a similar protocol when stating dosage as well. The website claims that if you order Prostect online directly from the manufacturers you can get a 50% discount compared to the regular product price.

It also claims that if you do find Prostect in pharmacies it is likely to cost a lot more, thereby it is better if you purchase it online only. It states that the Romanian manufacturers, in particular, do not want the product in local pharmacies and chemist shops as the product is so good that these pharmacies and chemists are likely to charge unfair prices for the drug making it inaccessible to people from lower-income groups.

The website furthermore negates the question of the drug having adverse effects by saying that none have ever been reported by those regularly making use of the product, thereby there must not be any side effects at all.

This is a particularly difficult claim to believe as every single drug or supplement is known to have some side effect or the other, it could be incredibly minor, but not listing anything makes the manufacturer seem as though they are overselling the product’s positive attributes in order to make profits.

On the upside, however, the website at the very least recommends thoroughly going through the ingredient list to make sure that you are not allergic to any of the ingredients. The product also defines itself as an herbal – dietary supplement and lists itself under the health and beauty departments on websites, thereby relieving the need for a prescription to be written out by a physician or specialist in order to buy and use the product.

Non-prescription drugs must also be approved by the FDA in order to be sold over the counter, thereby any claim that because Prostect is a dietary supplement it does not require such permits also seems dubious. 

Prostect Price

In addition, the drug is produced in a different way by different companies. There are capsules as well as Prostect drops available in the market. While some companies offer 100 capsules in one container at the price of $19, another company can be found selling 90 capsules for $55.20, while another sells 30 Prostect capsules for $18.3.

It is virtually impossible to decide which company’s drug is more effective, however, which one is the greater bargain is easier to see. Some manufacturers claim that the effect of the drug will be seen after the first few days of consuming it while some claim that the effects can be observed within 3-6 months of constant consumption. 

Other Observations

What is striking is that with Prostect, color‚ size and shape may vary between different batches of the product. Both the websites selling the product, as well as customers who left comments reviewing the product have attested to this.

The varying color, shape, and sizes of each bottle containing Prostect is a clear indication that the drug is not a standardized product, as FDA approved drugs are all manufactured in the exact same way. This also adds to the question of whether it is safe to consume Prostect and if so, how effective is it when used. 

Prostect Customer Reviews

The argument in favor of Prostect is that when natural products are in question the opinion of the users and specialists can differ significantly based on personal preferences and experience with the product. The websites selling Prostect also agree that it may not be the best treatment for prostatitis as the effectiveness of the treatment may differ from person to person.

All platforms selling the drug recommend consulting a physician or urologist before beginning the 30-day treatment. Users of the product have however left happy remarks in the comments sections and swear by the product.

They have also detailed how the product reduced overall pain and inflammation and also increased their libido substantially. Some may genuinely believe that the product worked for them and perhaps it did, while on some it could be having a placebo effect!


Prostect is a capsule for men that helps in maintaining prostate health. The prostate is a vital gland surrounded near the bladder to ensure the release of prostate hormones and fluid components of semen. As society is progressing, people are becoming more conscious about health issues of all sorts.

Earlier, problems like prostate health were not paid heed to, due to various reasons. Not only was there a lack of awareness about such health problems but also a social stigma which did not allow men to look for ways to improve their prostate well-being. However, that is not the case now. Males are now cognizant of the consequences of bad prostate health. 

It is not a matter of contention that prostate fitness can be maintained or regained through following certain diets. However, in all areas of health and fitness, people have started consuming more supplements. This is because such capsules have assured quality ingredients in the required amount and show faster results.

Added, it is often difficult to follow a proper diet which has the required amount and correct proportions of nutrients. Prostect is a vegetarian capsule that effectively regulates hormones and ensures the normal functioning of enzymes in man’s body. It is a complex mix of herbs, amino acids, and other necessary nutrients to enhance the urinary function. 

With the advancement in medical research, continuous improvements are made to make these capsules more efficient and reduce the possible side effects. It will become more acceptable and would be commonly used.

It is easy to obtain this supplement online and one doesn’t require a medical prescription to buy it. It should be kept in mind that it is not a cure for a disease but just a way to ensure good health. Prostect capsules are free from artificial elements. 

All in all, the scope certainly seems to expand more. This is attributed to increasing knowledge among men about prostate health. They are no more oblivious to the concept.

The effectiveness of this supplement and difficulty in following a strict diet are other reasons for increasing use. The advancement in Medical science can possibly boost the consumption of Prostect tablets. 

Prostect is an affordable, daily supplement that promotes prostate and urinary function in men. It exists in the form of pills and helps the body to have better reproductive and also regularly gets rid of toxins by promoting urinary function. It contains an equal composition of strawberry and cranberry extracts, along with pollen.

It needs to be made a part of the dietary supplement by regularly consuming 3 tablets a day. This product does not claim to diagnose the disease, cure or prevent them, but simply supports them, along with the regularly prescribed medications.

Final Thoughts

To sum up, the Prostect drug seems to offer a lot, but it cannot be said for certain if it actually delivers in terms of efficiency. This is the same problem seen by the homeopathic and ayurvedic industries, the claims that their products make in terms of treatment may simply never be understood or accepted by all.

Doctors and specialists also tend to stay away from such drugs as they would prefer recommending tried and tested products that are known to provide results. The main reason why the product seems dubious is that it cannot be found in local drugstores and pharmacies making it inaccessible to learn more about as well.

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