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XtraSize Review – Ingredients, Side Effects, Does It Really Work?

Xtrasize is a dietary supplement which is usually in form of a tablet. It stimulates rapid growth of the erectile tissue and encourages flow of blood in the body. This leads to the expansion of both your penis chambers with your erection and penile tissue resulting to a strong erection and increase in diameter and length of your penis. It uses the strength of nature and with a proven formula and well-chosen natural dynamic ingredients.

Is your self-confidence lowered by your small genital leading to huge restrictions in your day to day life? Do you fail to satisfy your partner as you would desire to? This product enables you to control your sex life hence becoming the man you have always desired to be. Its unbelievable effects are promising and has totally zero side effects.

It is inexpensive and can be purchased on account order. Consider purchasing this product if you feel that you have a very small penis, it really works. You need not any surgery to get a bigger limb. A pill a day will help you boost your sexual drive and raise your sexual performance.



This is a hundred percent natural merchandise that is manufactured from carefully chosen natural ingredients to improve your manhood. Each tablet contains extracts of:

  • Licorice root (2.50 MG): This product affects the endocrine system positively helping you balance your hormone levels. It can boost your blood pressure too. Increased blood pressure helps to encourage the flow of blood all around one’s body including the genital area resulting to firmer and fuller erections.
  • Saw palmetto extract: This is a natural DHT inhibitor. Lowering DHT levels is beneficial as it reduces hair loss, increases testosterone levels and helpful to promote the health of your prostate. It lowers the effect of enlarged prostate too.
  • Stinging Nettle (9.37 MG): This is mostly used to cure urinary tract infections and also to amend the negative symptoms and effects of Benign Prostatic Hyperplasia. This finding is backed up by a research study. Clearly, it is only when all is healthy down there that you can get better erections.
  • Panax ginseng extract (60.00 MG): For a long time in Asia, this extract has been utilized as a herbal medicine. The plant’s roots can help reduce the seriousness of the symptoms of heart disease and also to prevent cold. Various research studies have suggested that this extract can be used to treat Erectile Dysfunction.
  • Maca root (60.00 MG): it is well known for its effectiveness in improving sexual desire and research has proven this. Research shows that sexual desire is improved after at least 6 weeks of taking this extract. It also increases fertility in the male body.
  • Pumpkin seeds powder (10.00MG): Pumpkin seeds contain lots of minerals including zinc, phosphorus and magnesium. Zinc is key to a man’s sexual health. It highly contributes to increased production of testosterone hormone which enhances sexual arousal in men. If this hormone if available in low levels it weakens your erections and lowers your libido. It can also raise semen production and improve your orgasms. Its so unfortunate that a large number of men do not get the required amounts of zinc in their meals nowadays which is very crucial in their sexual health.
  • Sarsaparilla/ smilax officinalis (12.50MG): This is a perennial vine that grows mostly in warm temperature regions of the southern states of United States and also south and central America. Its root is used to make herbal medicine used to cure many diseases. Research indicates that sarsaparilla usually stimulate the secretion of testosterone which brings about improvement in sexual performance and libido.
  • L-arginine hydro chloride (49.50MG): This is used to bring about nitric oxide which leads to the dilation of blood vessels and permits for enhanced flow of blood. It enables the body to release insulin and improves growth of hormones. It has also been shown to enhance flow of blood in the genitals by widening blood vessels and assisting the penis to broaden to its full size, thus leading to an increase in frequency of erections, increase in size and hardness. Larginine increases the individual sexual functions as well.
  • Tribulus Terrestris (130MG): It is very famous in the supplement industry and is known to be an active testosterone booster. Research has shown that it improves erections in men with partial androgen deficiency if taken for three months. In men with defective sperm movement or low sperm count it is known to increase sperm concentration, ejaculation volume and sperm movement if taken for 30 days. When taken for one to two months, it is found to increase erections and sexual desires in men with low infertility due to low testosterone levels. Taking supplements with Tribulus for about three months sexual quality, desire, sexual satisfaction and ability to ejaculate in men with Erectile Dysfunction.
  • Arginine: This amino acid really helps when it comes to improving erection. It also has an effect on enlarging the penis: increase blood in the penis thus more volume. Other ingredients include rice Titanium Dioxide, flour, gelatin, and Magnesium Salts of Fatty Acids. The list of these ingredients is published on the product label.

Side Effects

There are no known side effects of this product yet since it wholly depends on natural extracts. In fact, it is entirely a natural food supplement. Purchasing this product does notneed any prescription and you do not need to go to a chemist. Using this product is totallyrisk-free for you since you do not endanger your life in any way. You can even use it alongside alcohol without worrying about any reactions. The only side effect you can get, that is, when on proper dosage can only be due to an allergic reaction to any of the above ingredients used.

Does It Really Work?

Absolutely! A lot of studies have proved its effectiveness and it is also recommended by doctors. It thickens and lengthens your penis without experiencing any pain. Having a larger penis size will help both you and your partner have maximum pleasure during sex.

The Working Process & Dosage

It relies wholly on natural ingredients to assist the muscles found within the blood vessels torelax. Blood vessels widen properly when the muscles relax allowing more blood to flowthrough in many body parts. This product mostly targets on increasing the amount of blood flowing towards the penis. The above-mentioned ingredients help to boost one’s libido, sexual stamina, sex drive and energy. In addition to this product’s ability to assist reduce erectile dysfunction, the extra blood that is usually hard-pressed into the penis results to expansion of the blood vessels. This may bring about long-lasting effects on the blood vessels hence the erect size of the penis will increase permanently when the product is used continually.


Its dosage is very simple due to its practical tablet shape. There are sixty tablets in every bottle. You only have to take a tablet a day after dinner and a second one thirty minutes before sex is also recommended. You should also take a lot of water after using the tablet and take them regularly for at least ninety days. To get maximum effects, you ought to continue using it for two to six months.

This has impressive and amazing effects because it really works wonders. In a period of six months, you can lengthen your penis by 3.5-7.5 centimeters. It is totally invasive and totally safe for your health. As soon as you begin your treatment, the effects take effect. You will have a noticeable magnification up to three centimeters after only two months of usage. Its efficiency is confirmed and its victory documented. You can look into various reviews of fervent users.

Wide-ranging practice with it have showed that the results obtained are permanent and do not go away after treatment. Hence you can enlarge your penis permanently and thus increasing permanently your own and your partner’s pleasure during sexual intercourse also.

Nevertheless, you can redo the treatment regularly to reinforce the present condition. Before and after pictures proving the success of this product are available. You can have a look at them to see yourself what incredible outcomes can be attained after using this product. Xtrasize review and testimonials are available where you can read about the experiences and successes of the product and almost all end with a positive assessment.

Visit the official homepage and see many positive recessions left by contented customers who now have high self-confidence and more pleasure when having sex.

However, this product is not recommended for anybody under eighteen years, children, breastfeeding or pregnant women. You should also not take this product alongside corticosteroids, cardiac glycosides, laxatives, diuretics or other medicines that raise electrolyte imbalance. If you are sensitive to any of the above-mentioned ingredients, you should not use this product too. Due to the presence of licorice in this product, people who suffer from liver or kidney disorders, high blood pressure, hypokalemia or disorders of the circulatory system should avoid this product. The dosage instructions are usually in the product label. Make sure you read the dosage instructions on the product label before using it since it can change over time.

Buy the pills online from the official website to avoid purchasing the fake product. You will also have an advantage of money-back guarantee, fast delivery and discreet billing and shipping once you buy from this website. The product provides a ninety-day money back guarantee. Only unopened bottles are accepted for refund. You are also required to send back the receipt. Its shipping cost is also a little bit cheap. The billing and shipping is discreet; the package comes in a standard courier envelope that does not indicate what is hidden in it in any way.

Advantages of this product include:

  • It focuses mainly on enhancing the flow of blood to the penis without using any artificial ingredients or harmful chemicals.
  • It relies wholly on natural ingredients.
  • It aids in raising endurance, boosting stamina and improving the energy levels.
  • This consequently enables men to perform better and last longer in bed.
  • There’s no risk of side effects after using this product.


Being able to get an erection when you need it is very crucial for almost all men and it can become problematic with age as levels of testosterone fall with age. This sexual performance decline makes most of them feel embarrassed or inadequate. Other health problems among them decreased blood flow and high blood pressure also arise. Four crucial factors that all male improvement should be based on include: capability to promote sexual stamina, increase sexual desire, active ingredients and enhance arousal. This product focuses on both the flow of blood and testosterone so as to bring about a powerful product which assists the body to regain its natural capability to achieve firm erections.